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We are leading advisory specialists in Murcia offering tax advice services, accountancy services and strategy consultancy services with over 30 years of  experience

Welcome to AZ Consultants. We are a professional firm located in the south east of Spain providing services mainly in Murcia and Alicante. We are a reliable firm of accountants, strategy consultants and tax specialists and tax advisers.

We are one of the Spanish south east leading tax specialists and tax advice firms providing a high standard of service. Our team is coming from top advisory company such us Garrigues ©, Deloitte ©, or Pwc ©.

We are regulated by the Colegio de Economistas de Murcia and we are ROAC authorise accountants (equivalent to Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA))  and therefore we are authorised to provide taxation advice and accountacy services.

Our work methodology ensures that we provide top level quality in our tax, consulting and advisory services.

We gain experience in the last 30 years giving tax advise to expatriates and in Beckham law issues.

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At Azucaque Consultores you can find your tax and accounting advice in Murcia , at very competitive prices and without leaving the Region of Murcia. You choose what consultancy you need in Murcia and what auditors you want to have and in a few days we can formalize a professional relationship to become among other services, in your job counseling in Murcia . Difficult is to find advice in Murcia or Alicante where you can choose among all the professional services that we can offer, such as our great auditors in Murcia, but it is even more difficult to have very attractive discounts throughout the year. Choose a good tax advice in Murcia requires the help of professionals. InAzucaque Consultores we help you choose the service that best suits you without leaving aside the new trends in business consulting and tax and accounting advice . In our web of accounting services you will find the best professionals since we work with the best companies in the Region, and all at the best prices; At the same time you can have personalized advice through the team of professional economists and lawyers in Murcia who work in our physical office.

At Azucaque Consultores we have a wide range of auditors and economists that allow us to make offers that will not leave you indifferent. If you need a business plan, budget management, accounting outsourcing , grant management, external financial director or financial coaching, these are some of the services you can find on our website. So that you do not miss in the meantime tax and accounting advisory services we make it even easier for you in your search. At the top of the page you will see a search engine where you can put the type of economic service or advice you are looking for and in a few seconds you will access what you are looking for. In addition to each service of our labor advisor, tax advisor,Murcia accountant or lawyer will have the opportunity to see the full range of services that these professionals offer you in particular. In addition to each service of auditors or consulting in Murcia you can get an estimate of the approximate budget and the price of each of the services so you can compare it with other tax advisors or accountants in Murcia and Alicante. Once chosen the advisors in Murciathat you need the hiring process is very easy, safe and fast; You can pay it with a transfer monthly or with B2B bank draft or Sepa. We can send you a budget in less than 48 hours for any tax or accounting service you need. We can also make your income statement for only € 120

On our website you will find your tax advice in Murcia at incredible prices , but you can also find your work and labour advice and the auditors you need in Murcia. Tax and accounting services that you can acquire with more than 10% discount by contracting before the end of the year, a real bargain! Choosing a good tax consultant in Murcia requires the help of professionals. More than 30 years of experience support us, that’s why at  Azucaque Consultores you can count on a trusted economist and fiscalist. We are a team of qualified professional economists and collegiate. In our centers we work with everything related to the health of your company and its economic and financial management. This project ofcomprehensive advice to cover all the administrative needs of your company was born with the intention of giving you the best service in tax, labor and accounting in Murcia , offering you all the latest services, proposing the latest trends and with the guarantee of working only with technicians and specialized professionals.

A good consulting service in Murcia is, without a doubt, a complement that has become essential for any company that operates regionally or wants to internationalize. An advice that at the same time that protects us and is key when it comes to doing things right. At Azucaque Consultores we help you choose the service that best suits you, without neglecting our recommendations on tax , accounting, labor and legal advice ; we take care of your company at the same time as we watch for strict regulatory compliance so you can catch up on trends and news from the sector through our blog and be informed of offers and news through our social networks: Facebook, twitter, pinterest. We will be happy to solve your doubts at any time through any of the communication channels with us that we put at your disposal.

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